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Riegel School (Includes article on Salzburg School)
406 W. Ivy ave. - Bay City, MI
  • Contributed by Clarence and Gladys (Weide) Stroemer
    from the Scrapbook Collection of Miss Freida Stroemer. (December 2005)
  • The Bay City Times - Saturday, September 28, 1940

    Riegel School

    Three Buildings Preceded Present School

    (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the eighth in a series of stories relating to the historical background of Bay City schools, which are published each Saturday in The Times. This week’s subject is the Riegel school. The history of the Washington school will be presented Nov. 9.)

    For about 60 years Riegel school activities have been inextricably interwoven into the life of Salzburg, although the present school building has been in use only since 1907. At that time the original Riegel structure was sold to St. Hedwig’s parish, and it is still used today, with additions, as church and school.

    It is a controversial question as to just when the first building was erected, but 1880 seems to be the most probable date. However, construction began after the burning of a one-room school building on the southeast corner of Euclid and Salzburg avenues. The new building was name after Michael Riegel, public-spirited citizen and a leader in West Bay City activities. He was president of the board of education for 29 years, and served in West Bay City, then later, after the consolidation of the cities, when the area was known as Greater Bay City.

    School in 1868

    The first Riegel school had four rooms and Frank Thompson was its principal, coming from the one-room building. However, the burned school wasn’t the first in the area as there was formerly a school taught by Mrs. Clara Stark Trombley. This was back in 1868 and classes were held in a building erected for a fish house, and located on the banks of the Saginaw river. It was purchased for 10 dollars, and furniture for use of the students was constructed in the saw mill, located on the Middlegrounds, of Mrs. Trombley’s father, H. M. Stark. At that time the Twenty-third street bridge was still in the toll state, and the forest was virgin. Students came to classes along woodland trails.

    After the present Riegel school was built a dedication program was held Monday, Sept. 10, 1907, with Riegel the principal speaker. A kindergarten was started in the new building after a good deal of campaigning for its origination. Miss Ella Stillman was the teacher. Other faculty members of that time were Robert Kennedy, principal, who came from the first building, Miss Maud E. Gilbert, Miss Mary Gaffney, Miss Alma Gaertner, Miss Nina Shannon, Miss Mable Weir, and Miss Alice C. Houghton. Many of these teachers are still employed in the school system here, and some of them later were given principalship posts.

    Normal Begun in 1923

    The Bay County Normal school which is an integral part of the school today was established in 1923 by action of the Bay City board of education and the county board of supervisors. Miss Carolyn K. White, present principal, has been with the normal since its beginning there. The first county normal board consisted of Webster Pierce, state superintendent of public instruction; G. L. Jenner, Superintendent of public schools; and J. B. Laing, county school commissioner. The board now is Dr. Eugene B. Elliott, state superintendent of public instruction; Benjamin Klager, current superintendent; and Earl S. Goodman, county commissioner of schools.

    The normal was started with a class of 17, with Miss Agnes True, the first principal. She now is affiliated with a teacher’s college in Lubbock, Tex. Miss White was a critic teacher. Under the original plan the school provided for a one-year course for rural school teaching. Now two years is demanded and the normal is consolidated with Bay City Junior college, and corresponding credit is granted at state teacher’s colleges. It also is affiliated with Central State Teachers college, Mt. Pleasant.

    List Principals

    Among the early principals were M. R. Hartwell, 1891; C. R. Fuller, 1898; J. W. Burridge; 1901; W. G. Burton, 1902; Kennedy, 1905; George E. Butterfield, dean of Bay City Junior college, 1912; Miss. Gilbert, 1903, now principal of McKinley school; Miss Houghton, current principal of the Whittier school, 1918; Miss Lois Bowman, 1932; and Miss White, 1933.

    In a recent survey of Bay City schools the Riegel was rated “good” on four points in instructional efficiency, placing it among the best in the city’s school system. Out of the 21 items twelve points were given the building as “fair” in location, playgrounds, landscape, architecture, construction, expansion, height, basement, efficiency for administration, classrooms, water supply, artificial lighting and safety.

    The present teaching staff includes Noreen Cole, Gertrude Waehner, Patricia Baumgarten, with Miss White principal.

    Appeared on same page as article on Riegel school.

    Salzburg School

    List Roll of One-Room School Built in 1874


    Charles R. Laderach, 1602 South Wenona avenue, is the proud possessor of the original roll call sheet of the one-room school building know as the Salzburg school, used before the building of the first Riegel school. The structure was located on the southeast corner of Euclid and Salzburg avenues, and was burned, necessitating the erection of the first Riegel school.

    The first term of the little school began Sept. 9, 1874, and the school’s district was No. 3, in the township of Bangor. Miss Rebecca Kent was the teacher.

    Seventy-three students were listed on the roll, with Laderach being one of them. He was 11 yars old at the time. Following is the list of names of the student and their ages. Some of the members are still living and are residents of Bay City. They are:

    Ida Laderach, eight; John Emerson, five; Pauline Neumann, 11; Fred Schupack, 11; Jacob Schupach, seven; Ellen Fogelsinger, seven; William McCauley, 15; George H. McCaulley, 11, Ruth Ory, seven, Charles Anderson, six; Nettie Sherwood, eight; George Davis, 11; Mary Davis, six; Alex Bateson, 11; James Bateson, 12; Mary Bateson, eight; Mary Weide, 16; Lillia Weide, 10; Martin Chifler, eight; George Trombley, seven; Eddie Trombley, five; Rudie Allman, 12; Eddie Allman, seven; James Poultney, 12; Mary J. Poultney, 10; Bennie Poultney, seven; Josephine Gravel, eight; Erwin McMillan, 12; Anna Petimoulx, 11; Fred Laisel, nine; Stephen McCann, nine; Rosia Campau, 11; Victor Campau, eight; Cecilia Campau, five; George Staudacher, nine; Gustaf Schinburn, eight; Ellen Doyle, 10; Agnes Campau, seven; Mary Kinzick, eight; Lillie Laderach, six; Mary Staudacher, eight; John Staudacher, six; Michael Staudacher, 12, Elmer Fogelsinger, 10; Thomas Stoddard, six; Robert Stoddard, nine; Mary Swartz, five; Lovina and Mary Licksey; Andrew Humm, 12; Julian Parent, 12; George Strong, 12; Frank Davis, nine; Willie Knodle, 10; Charles Knodle, six; Katie Knodle, nine; Emma Griffith, 12; Willie Griffith, 10; Thomas Bateson, six; Mary West, 16; Katie West, 14; Beasie West, 12; Maggie West, nine, Willie Leikert, 12; Katie Leikert, six; John Leikert, 11; William Fralix, 18; Rosina Eichhorn, five; George Eichhorn, seven; and Leonard Eichhorn, Nine.

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    People Referenced
    Allman, Eddie
    Allman, Rudie
    Anderson, Charles
    Bateson, Alex
    Bateson, James
    Bateson, Mary
    Bateson, Thomas
    Baumgarten, Patricia
    Bowman, Lois Miss
    Burridge, J.W.
    Butterfield, George E.
    Campau, Agnes
    Campau, Cecilia
    Campau, Rosie
    Campau, Victor
    Chifler, Martinrtin
    Cole, Noreen
    Davis, Frank
    Doyle, Ellen
    Eichhorn, George
    Eichhorn, Leonard
    Eichhorn, Rosina
    Elliott, Eugene B.
    Emerson, John
    Fogelsinger, Ellen
    Fogelsinger, Elmer
    Fralix, William
    Fuller, C.R.
    Gaertner, Alma Miss
    Gaffney, Mary Miss
    Gilbert, Maud E. Miss
    Goodman, Earl S.
    Gravel, Josephine
    Griffith, Emma
    Griffith, Willie
    Hartwell, M.R.
    Houghton, Alice C.
    Humm, Andrew
    Jenner, G.L.
    Kennedy, Robert
    Kent, Rebecca Miss
    Kinzick, Mary
    Klager, Benjamin
    Knodle, Charles
    Knodle, Katie
    Knodle, Willie
    Laderach, Charles R.
    Laderach, Ida
    Laderach, Lillie
    Laing, J.B.
    Laisel, Fred
    Leiker, John
    Leiker, Katie
    Leiker, Willie
    Licksey, Mary
    Licksey, Lovina
    McCann, Stephen
    McCauley, George H.
    McCauley, William
    McMillan, Erwin
    Neumann, Pauline
    Ory, Ruth
    Parent, Julian
    Petimoulx, Anna
    Pierce, Webster
    Poultney, Bennie
    Poultney, James
    Poultney, Mary J.
    Riegel, Michael
    Schinburn, Gustaf
    Schupack, Fred
    Schupack, Jacob
    Shannon, Nina Miss
    Sherwood, Nettie
    Stark, H.M.
    Staudacher, George
    Staudacher, John
    Staudacher, Mary
    Staudacher, Michael
    Stillman, Ella
    Stoddard, Robert
    Stoddard, Thomas
    Strong, George
    Swartz, Mary
    Thompson, Frank
    Trombley (Stark), Clara Mrs.
    Trombley, Eddie
    Trombley, George
    True, Agnes Miss
    Waehner, Gertrude
    Weide, Lillia
    Weide, Mary
    Weir, Mable Miss
    West, Beasie
    West, Katie
    West, Maggie
    West, Mary
    White, Carolyn K. Miss
    Subjects Referenced
    Bangor twsp., MI
    Bay City, MI
    Bay City Junior college
    Bay Co. Normal school
    Central State Teachers college
    Fish house
    Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Saginaw river
    Salzburg school
    Twenty-third st. bridge
    West Bay City, MI
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